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Like minded people, amazing speeches, unforgettable moments and the honor to gather the key people in Joomla! world in the oldest university of the USA.

Have you ever faced a ‘’strange’’ situation when the traffic to your website is pretty high but the sales results are, to say the least, not satisfying?

Today, I will go a bit 'off-topic' and raise an issue which is closely connected with Bang2Joom as we geographically and by birth are living in Armenia.

Humming Birds are the only group of birds with the ability to fly backwards. They are known as hummingbirds because of the humming sound created by their beating wings.

'Bring ideas to life across screens' - This is the aim for the newly-introduced Google product which is still available in Beta – Google Web Designer. 

Lately we have been experiencing some issues of not having a proper documentation. You know when we just started creating our extensions, we did not realize how crucial having a decent documentation can be. 

Have you chosen a title for your next blog post? If not, then be sure to check out the tips I am going to reveal for writing effective blog titles.

Boo! Are you ready for some ghostly Joomla! treat for this Halloween? Then don't miss this unique chance to take a scary good offer from Bang2Joom!

What is the picture of world nowadays? All we are interconnected, everything is digitalized and life without Internet is like a nightmare.

Nowadays design world is split into two main camps: those who love Flat design and those who simply hate it. I will try to give some idea of what Flat Design is all about.